Thursday, April 23, 2009

It will always be summer in Hawaii!

There is always something about summer season that I look forward to; the beach, the sun, the waves, the outings and the fun! There are lots of summer destinations here in the Philippines but there is something about Hawaii that I am really thrilled of.

If given a chance to live somewhere abroad, Hawaii, would be number 1 in my list. The fact that it is the only state of the United States that is completely surrounded by water makes me imagine myself dipping into the water for as long as I can! It will always be summer in Hawaii for me. I will not worry about racial discrimination too, for the fact that 14% of Hawaii’s population is Filipino.

Am imagining of winning the lottery already so that when I finally won I will buy a home to this paradise on earth. I am doing my research now at Honolulu Real Estate and I know it might cost a lot. But having a little heaven in Hawaii will be all worth it!


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