Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Social Media Break

A few weeks ago, i found myself asking why i spend too much time holding or just looking at my phone. I feel imprisoned every time there's a notification from any of my mobile apps - be it facebook, instagram, messenger etc etc! See the list of all these apps are countless, well some i need for my work but some are just for socialization in the world wide web and NOT IN ACTUALITY and i get TIRED of it all. Those lines --- so far yet so near. Well now i want to live with the real world around me. SO i decided to put off my data every night and turn in on in the morning upon waking up. Just so i can check the emails that needs my attention first thing in the morning. If you know me well enough, i can't stand even one unread email so i have to glance at it quickly and my mind has to organize the first stuff to do and then accomplish every single one of them before the day ends.

I have allotted some free time but still i feel am stuck with looking at these social media apps from time to time. It's eating a lot of my FREE time, if you know what it means. My free time now i plan to spend with actual people in the REAL WORLD. Away from the limelight of the social media. I have yet to deactivate my account but i have deleted all these apps from my mobile phone. I wonder if it will just be a social media break, BUT for over a week now am enjoying the world around me--- untied from the social media apps of my phone.  I feel like shouting FREEDOM! Coz am really free to the real sense of the word.


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