Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Talking About Fashion

The person who believes that fashion is stagnant is the person who still wears polyester leisure suits or leopard-skin togas. Trends change both yearly, season on season, and seasonally. What's terrific for Summer is different from what is magnificent for Spring, and that rule does not change significantly from outerwear to accessories. From men's fedora trilby hats to women's coral purses for summer at, you get style with affordability quickly, easily and smartly.

Hats make a statement about the person wearing it, and they offer protection in a well-considered and stylish manner. The style you wear, the position it holds on your head and the color and material say so much more than “hat-conscious.” Whether you like cloth, felt or straw hats, each offers some level of UV protection, an important factor in young-looking skin. Are you a “center” person who likes balance in all things, or are you an asymmetrical person who likes a bit of adventure in your style and life? Do you like small, structured purses for summer, or do you insist in the one-compartment, higher-carrying-capacity of a one-for-all bag? Do you prefer no purse or pouch at all perhaps? Only if your taste runs to the last option, will you not find a suitable fashion statement at, but your budget would barely notice the difference.


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