Monday, April 29, 2013

A Time Clock for Every Business

To be able to save money and ensure accuracy with regards to labor, most businesses have Biometric Time Clocks or Electronic Employee Time Clocks. An online store that sells all these devices and much more is Time Clock In business since 1962, they have different types of timekeeping system available in the online time clock market and can serve any business, big or small. Customers can look for the item they want through categories like Employee Time Clocks, Time Date Stamps, Date Stamp, Number Stamps, Web Time Clock, Hand Punch Time Clocks, Watchman Clocks, Signal Control Time Clock, Signal Devices, Time Cards, Check Signers, and Portable Time Clock among others. All of their products are cheaper compared to other online stores. Available brands include Acroprint, Amano, Icon Time, InfiniTime, Lathem, NovaTime, and Schlage. sells Employee Time Clock Software as well. It processes a business's time keeping hours and links the Biometric Time Clock or Fingerprint Time Clocks on the System. Workers can do various tasks even while sitting at their desks such as punch in/out, request time off, and print their own reports. No clocks are used, only the Time Clock Software. But there are more advanced Time Attendance Software that bigger companies can make use of. They are reconcilable with Wide Area Networks that are normally found in the area where the main office is located and where time keeping functions are spread to other branches or offices. The other functions of this software are Time and Analysis Reporting, Data Correction, and hours approval processes. Customers can request for a free quote and place their orders by phone or fax. Shipping is free for Time Cards and orders over $75 within the US.


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