Thursday, January 31, 2013

This too shall pass

AABI have been here before, November 2011, days after i gave birth to my second daughter Yani. We sometimes joke around how we look like investors to La Salle UMC Dasma, this is where i gave birth to my two daughters (will be giving birth to my third child next month), this is where my mother had her operation, my father's operation (and death) took place.

In November 2011, i was so helpless to see how my mother had to underwent an operation but i had to stay on the sideline, my CS operation isn't helping at all. After two weeks she went out of the hospital, it was financially, emotionally and physically draining. But we made it!

In August 2012, my father had to undergo the same operation my mother had in Nov 2011, as strong as he was i thought he would make it but we lost him. I don't understand why God had to let things happen, i was 3 months pregnant and i couldn't imagine our life without him. We love him so much. It was financially, emotionally, physically painful all at the same time. I still miss him everyday but we're coping...

Now we're here again facing another operation for my mother, the same operation my father had. The operation that took his life and being scared is an understatement right now. Am scared for what's going to happen, what if my mother will not make it this time? My mind must have been the most active part of my body since yesterday thinking about all things that's going to happen. I feel so scared. I don't understand why we have to undergo another test of faith like this. God must have love me this much. I know i should not complain but sometimes i feel like giving up. But giving up isn't an option most especially if i must look brave and strong all the time. I am willing to fight, financially, emotionally and physically - for my mother's life. I know this is another test of faith and we will make it through. AND I know this too shall pass.


Jonalyn Quita Saturday, February 16, 2013 6:37:00 AM  

At times it'll be so hard for us to understand why things happen. But God allows them for reasons we shall soon realize. And to find new learnings that will enrich our lives through life's circumstances.

Ill pray for the success of your moms operation. Keep praying sis!

Btw, I sent you an email (yahoo mail). Thanks!


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