Friday, January 25, 2013

Five things am Thankful for today

For a very loving husband who doesn't fail to make me smile and loved every single day.

For a very sweet daughter I have in Yena, who looks like me and acts like her dad

For our one year old bb girl's hugs and kisses whenever she see me, our Yani who looks like her daddy but acts like me

For bb Yllac in my tummy, who's running 32wks now and who we are all excited to see sooon!

And for TODAY - I get to rest and bond with my babies at home. It has been two days of nesting at home to rest and although I miss work am thankful I have my girls to keep me grounded all the time.

Now's ur turn...Think of five things you are grateful for today. And tell me how do you feel after enumerating...


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