Monday, January 23, 2012

Why you should not depend on your SSS Sickness Benefits

On my 7th month of pregnancy, I was advised by my OB to take a leave at work since it would be detrimental on my baby’s health. I am already experiencing premature labor and felt a lot of pains on my abdomen from time to time.

So I took a leave and asked our HR Department on what to do for filing my SSS Sickness Benefits for the two months I would be on leave before my scheduled CS operation in November. So it was filed first week of September. I remembered clearly that my OB put 69 days on my sickness leave. After completing all the requirements it was submitted to SSS by our HR Dept. I was told that it will be paid a month or so and the highest that SSS can pay is P450/day.

You know why you should not depend your life on this SSS benefit? I was paid two months after – not for the 69 days we filed but for only 30 days! The payment was reimbursed to me by my company together with my maternity benefits. I wonder when will the payment arrive IF i am not employed. Maybe it would take a year? If I don’t have a husband who work and blogs to depend on our daily finances we could have been begging alms on the street on that whole two months. Sadly.

So if you want a worry-free future, I guess it’s better to have insurance other than SSS. Sadly it cannot be depended for a secured future.


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