Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Pop the Question with Style!

One of the peak moments in a woman’s life is the part when her man, in the most unexpected situation, kneel before her, open a cute little box facing her and say, “will you marry me?”. She maybe sure of her answer, but before she can utter a word, all tears are rolling over her cheeks, overwhelming emotions fill her heart and she finds herself in the middle of uncertainty hanging up in the air. Indeed, it is a cloud 9 for her to finally see a future partner in her lifetime.

If things were totally different, if women were supposed to pop him the question, I am thinking, how shall I do it? There are thousands of ways to do it but of course, I am after the one that will sweep him off his feet. I rather have a short gimmick than just to take him alone in a romantic place and do it straightforward.

Maybe I will do it underwater, do snorkelling (better if we scuba dive), have the sneaky way to give her the ring while the colourful fishes go around us. Or maybe, we fly to France, have her sit in a table with poker stars (since poker is legal in that country), I will let her play for a few rounds and win some bonus poker, then have the dealer hand her cards with words written on it, then, once she reads it, have the dealer hand her a customized chip with the ring in it. Cheezy!

Well, just thinking about it, it is really touching to see a man who exhausted his efforts to make up the most memorable moment for his girl. Some do it in an airplane, or while skiing, or on the summit of a mountain or simply over a dinner in a fine dining resto. Well, whenever or wherever it is, the important thing is the Yes! after the question, right?


rjs mama Wednesday, February 02, 2011 1:13:00 PM  

proposing while scuba diving? cool! =)

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