Friday, January 07, 2011

Going on Vacation

My father has type 2 diabetes and has been on maintenance of his medicine since his operation in year 2007. Sometime midyear of 2010, he stopped taking his medicines and eat a lot of carbs. Que horror! My mother who acts as his nurse complains of him being so stubborn. I talked to him and he said he is already 71 and diabetic and he knows that his time will come so all he wanted to do is to enjoy life without limit on what he eats or drinks and disregard his medicines since it will just be a waste of money!

When I asked him why, he said all he wanted to do is to spend some time with his siblings in Aklan. So I bribed him to eat moderately and drink his meds and I shall grant his wish of a vacation to Aklan! So by June I bought us tickets – for him, for my mother, my husband and daughter. And since it was a seat sale at cebupacific I also bought tickets for my mother in law, and yobib’s uncle and aunt so they can also visit their relatives in Bacolod after a looooong time.

If you think I have lots of money to be able to do all that, I don’t have! Husband and i work double time and blog (to earn extra!) to make all ends meet. We’re having a hard time with our finances too! But all I know is that there is no sum of money that can outstrip the happiness of seeing my parents and in-laws happy just by seeing their long lost relatives even for just a week. I just want to see them happy. I just want to at least give the oldies their much-needed vacation! So since June, husband and I started saving on our two coin cans – just to add for the pocket money of eight people… ^_^

It is less than two weeks before that and my pockets are still empty! LOL. And if you have been reading my blog – my mother’s doctor has been requesting to see her before our vacation for her endoscopy and its urgent. Plus, i still have reports to finish at work. Oh the patches and rough roads before the getaway… There are a lot of them.. They seem to get in the way huh ~

But the Lord is always good to me and my family. And I know that if He wills it, we will be in Aklan on the 19th!!!


Beth Friday, January 07, 2011 12:33:00 PM  

This is so true, Niko. Nothing beats seeing your loved ones happy. Khit tayo na lang magtipid sa sarili natin hehehe. :)

For sure, you will be blessed for this :)

Clarissa Friday, January 07, 2011 2:00:00 PM  

Pera lang yan,Niko!Just look at their faces pag nagkita-kita silang mag-pamilya^_^Sabi nga nila,pinagpapala daw ang taong hinde maramot sa kapwa^_^

Happy 2011 to you and your family,dear Niko!

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