Friday, November 26, 2010

Bohol Countryside and Panglao Tour in a Day!

This is just a quick recap of our 3days 2nights stay at Bohol. I will make a separate post on all the places we’ve been, the entrance fees on some tourist destinations in bohol and a review about Whites and Greens Beach Resort soon.

We spent our first day at the resort since we arrived at lunch time. My husband and daughter enjoyed the beach while I face my laptop in our cottage chatting with friends at facebook and prepare myself physically for the countryside tour the next day. On day 2, we started early at 8am and went straight to the Blood Compact Shrine, then met the smallest primate in the world the Tarsiers, walked hand and hand at the Hanging Bridge, enjoyed the cold breeze of winds at the Manmade Forest and learned the difference of mariposa and butterflies at the Butterfly Sanctuary and then head to the famous Chocolate Hills!

We had our buffet lunch and enjoyed the cruise at Loboc River, saw the huge 14 year old Python right after and then head at the two oldest Churches in Bohol, the Baclayon Church and Dauis Church. We also dropped by at the 4 biggest Ostritch Place before going to Hinagdanan Cave and Bohol Bee farm, where we had a taste of their malunggay ice cream.

We went back to the resort by 5pm and swim for almost an hour. It was a very tiring getaway but we had so much FUN! Bohol really rocks our world!


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