Monday, October 11, 2010

Early Christmas Gifts

Aside from the girly flair I have, I adore kiddie stuffs – much much of them especially when Yena joined us. Pink everywhere, from the baby bibs to bags. Even now that she is getting older, well, what can I do? I am used to it! I am even thinking to buy something with Oopsy Daisy Fine Art like framed displays or placemats. Hmm.. best gift for Christmas!

I am amazed how the combination of simple drawings and colors emphasize the kiddie styles. My Yena would really love it.. I mean, she is not into paintings or art but the pictures will really touch her senses to appreciate it as it enlighten me by mere looking at it.

Speaking of yuletide gifts, I chose The Chandler Collection of beddings for my Nanay. Its quality is for long lasting use, not to mention, the designs are distinct from the regular ones. Well, it is time for her to change that old linen and go for the quilts.

Mine, I will buy Whistle & Wink Bedding for my coming baby.. I am not preggy yet, but what is wrong with preparing for another one? It is too early for that, huh? Well, hubby will surely call my attention once he reads this. Wondering what is his reaction? Why don’t you bet??


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