Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Webhosting and Me

I work at the Philippine’s oldest telecommunications company for over four years now. Our company provides telephone lines, internet connection and even web hosting to clients who would need them. Webhosting for this matter of talk is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals or companies to make their own website accessible online or via the world wide web.

As a blogger who owns 9 blogs (6 of which are domain blogs) I know a little about webhosting and what website hosting to choose since I am using a free host at the moment. Am still searching for the webhosting site that I can finally transfer my domain blogs, but that would take me months to decide. I am waiting for a free web hosting service from my own company, if they can provide me with that I will be forever loyal to them, lol

Seriously, I am already reading some webhosting reviews online, so that when I finally have the funds and the support I will be transferring all my domain blogs with them. I have heard a lot of complaints on some blogger on their blogs being down or inaccessible at times, putting all the blame to their web host and I cannot afford to experience the same thing in the future.


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