Friday, April 16, 2010

“How to Prepare for a Day at the Beach with your Young Child”

It is almost summertime and a lot of you are going to be planning a trip to the beach or heading to the pool, after all the beach is a great place to experience those lazy days of summer with the entire family. If you have young children the trip can be challenging if you don’t plan ahead. The following will hopefully help you to be prepared for anything that mother nature throws at you.

Do some research on the beach you are planning to visit, Google is a great way to do this. You will want to know where to park and if you will need a stroller or other carrying device, little legs get tired quickly. This is paramount to the trip because if you have to park far away, you will need to bring everything with you and this will impact what you bring.

So speaking of bringing things to the beach, there are a few things that are pretty important to the comfort of a young child and a comfortable child is a comfortable you.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, need I say it more? Don’t forget the sunscreen or you will live to regret it.

Some other things that may help are baby sunglasses, I Iike the ones called baby banz, but there are others that work too. Baby swim diapers and a couple changes of clothes are also very important to bring, unless your child is older and housebroken. If your child is not still in diapers, part of that research you are doing should be on where the nearest bathrooms are.

Another thing to think about might be additional activities that are near the beach, such as a playground. Let's face it, some toddlers have short attention spans and will get bored easy. Keeping your little one entertained and offering them something new to do every now and then will make the day much easier. You may want to bring a beach game with you too.

The main thing is preparation, if you are prepared, you will insure that everyone has a great time on your trip, especially you!


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