Thursday, April 08, 2010


Just got home from watching the sniff preview of Acquatica, the newest attraction at Manila Ocean Park. I am so dead tired now. But i can still manage to write here now because i am so thankful - yena and i got home safe and sound. I manage to bring Yena to Makati and then to Manila all by myself. It was hard but i did it. It's hard to commute from Cavite to places kilometers away - much more if you have an active toddler in tow.. Whew.

It was supposed to be a bonding moment with Fedhz and Pehpot but since Peh is sick and Fedhz been MIA (just learned they went to SM, hihih) i got their invites. I invited some friends too but on the last minute they all backed out. Sniff. At 5pm Yena and i were already waiting for a cab, we got a cab after Yena's praying at 615pm. Arrived at Ocean Park at 7pm - after 30 minutes the show ended. Husband who came from work had no choice but to wait for us somewhere - but since my cellphone acted up again, Yena and i had no choice but to go home all by ourselves. It was hard. And i learned my lesson so well - i won't do it again, lol.

So about our Acquatica adventure? Will post pictures and videos soon. Yena had a great time. The show was great and seeing how much she enjoyed it made all the efforts and hardships worth it, hihih.


Marice Saturday, April 10, 2010 12:10:00 AM  

i just saw that when we passed by Roxas. Is it operational now?

thanks for droppin by my site sis. and btw, my junk food model, thats just one kid :) old photos niya :)

Curious Mind Sunday, April 11, 2010 11:50:00 PM  

waah, sorry naman. i'm so bad. shet. kala ko di ka tutuloy kung di kame tutuloy. wahuhu. i'm so bad. yuff, wag mo na gawin ulit lalu na kung di maasahan mga nagyaya sayo. bwahaha!


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