Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to Reality

I am back to work – back to reality of working so all ends meet, LOL. I wish everyday is an all expense paid vacation.

Let me laugh first for that childish wish, heheh. For now, I shall flood you with all the pictures on our recent getaway. The pictures are already sorted daily. So expect a post of day 1 to day 6 plus lots of pictures of food, water and smiles. I wish to sum it up on one post but it will be very long, it might make you sleepy like my Coron Trip in the past, lol. I am still thinking if I should post a picture of me wearing my violet bikini, for sure you won’t dare me to do that coz even if you do I won’t – for the love of heavens don’t wish for that one! LOL

But what I am really thankful about is meeting in person a friend so dear to me. From the bottom of my heart Nancy dear and if you are reading this right now, thank you so much! How can I thank heaven for having her as a friend? She gave me a lot already without asking for return, oh well she said she will come yearly for our getaway but next year it will be kat and I’s turn so I shall start saving now or try my luck on sports bets. I won my first ever contest and brought home my daughter’s Portable DVD on that famous KP Contest so I shall try my luck on sports betting to get extra cash on another getaway next year or every year.

My door is open for tips and tricks to earn while betting on sports, I have been so head over heels on blogging and the perks of it, and I am more than willing to try everything just to earn some more! And if posting my bikini picture here will earn me some bucks, I will! LOL Of course I am kidding.


rjs mama Monday, March 29, 2010 6:41:00 PM  

you're so lucky you already had a vacation out of the city this summer

computer literate finally!
do you love OREO?

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