Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I can’t stop laughing while recalling my phone conversation with ghie’s elder sister kat, one of my best friends and our organizer on our Palawan getaway on Saturday. The chat could be sum of to three; our itinerary, the things to bring and my blogging life. The blogging life is the cause of my two dilemmas :D

My first dilemma is about my laptop nancy.

I want to bring my laptop, she said our accommodation has free wifi but since we will be staying at krystal lodge, where our cottage is above sea level, she thought of the laptop’s security. She told me I can rest blogging for three days. But the blogging addict in me cannot imagine a day without my blogs so.. now I am still thinking.. should I bring or leave my laptop home. Sigh.

Second is about Fedhz contest.

I want to win that point system contest for fedhz blogversary/birthday since half of that $200 will go to Daniel and half for my ‘christmas’ project if ever I will win. BUT since I am competing with my very good blogging friends Kaye, who is from Baguio and was kinda affected with Typhoon Pepeng and Pehpot, who was affected by typhoon ondoy and is about to give birth on November to my inaanak Sati, I am thinking of backing out. As of writing, I am backing out already LOL. I hope Peh or Kaye wins! :)

Anyways, I am taking this opportunity to greet my blogging friend and my kumareng PEHPOT for winning The Best Family and Living Blog in that most prestigious PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS. Congratulations Mare! Bongga ka! :)


chubskulit Wednesday, October 14, 2009 4:13:00 PM  

Wowowow mare dami nyo adventures with blogging ah hehehe.. Congrats Mommy Peh!

Congrats din mare kasi blog of the day ka sa PPP hehehe..

Clarissa Thursday, October 15, 2009 1:36:00 PM  

Blogging addict ka nga talaga,Niko!!You can't live without your lappy!!Congratulations to Pehpot!!^_^

kAyE Thursday, October 15, 2009 7:19:00 PM  

what? heyy.. no. don't back out. malulungkot si fedhz :(

saka naguilty naman din ako dun sa sinabi mo na idodonate mo kay daniel if ever you win taz si peh pa 2 ang reasons nya to want to win samantalang ako wala lang. wala lang kasi ako magawa. toinks.

anu ba yun. wag ka na magback-out. ako na lang. :D

Seiko Wednesday, October 21, 2009 5:32:00 AM  

Nabasa ko nga rin sa page ni Mareng Pehpot about her winning site & 'm really happy for her.Sana manalo kayo sa contest.I wish you luck!:D

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