Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am giving away..


Not that spam we had this morning but SPAM emails from my gmail account.

After a week of posting my paypal address I am being drowned not only of donations for our $3 for Daniel project but also of bogus emails.

Here are some examples of spam mails:Sometimes I pray these spam mails were true.. Coz if they are I could be able to send Daniel to Taiwan in next to no time!

Now who would like some spam?


onlinemommy Wednesday, September 30, 2009 4:20:00 PM  

Hehehe... kaya minsan nakakatakot iexposed ang email because of spams. Nakakainis pa naman kase halos maya maya ang dating...

Thanks for the visit. Any amount will do :) basta hindi mabigat sayo :)

fedhz Thursday, October 01, 2009 1:38:00 PM  

ay, uu girl. dapat ganito mo sya lalagay. email(at)yahoo(dot)com. kase nako-crawl nila yan eh. wahaha.

Joops Thursday, October 01, 2009 4:23:00 PM  

we get those all the time.

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Cecile Friday, October 02, 2009 12:19:00 AM  

this isn't new, dear. just like joops, we also get this all the time; annoying, just put it on your spam folder.

mye Friday, October 02, 2009 11:05:00 PM  

i hate spam too! and i have a number in my inbox too!

@fedhz - now i know why others opt to display their email address like that...ganon pala yun! LOL!

Clarissa Saturday, October 03, 2009 1:00:00 PM  

hayzz!!ganyan din ako,palaging maraming spam--buti kung makakain yung SPAM nila,di naman lol!!

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