Tuesday, September 22, 2009

$3 for Daniel Update

A total donation of $618.30 as of September 29, 2009 for our $3 for Daniel Project is God moving in mysterious ways. I am also taking this opportunity to thank all the bloggers who made a post for daniel, bless your heart of compassion! Thank you for joining our blogger power for daniel..

And may God continue to bless the following generous donors of Daniel..

Seiko Fukami
Jeniffer Patawaran
Rose Cottrill
Amy Nobillos
Demcy Dias
Rosalie Dacio
Nora Aquino
Ana Karenina Pahimalan
Levy Martinez
Shiela Worthington
Darling Rose Designs
Lovely Mortiga
Genebei Faith Sajolan
Purely Trend
Maribeth Mendez-Fey
David Funk Jr
Ade Andriyani
Joy-Anne Rodulfo
Maylyn Mandani
Cecilia Kenyon
Clarissa Sasaki
Raquel Watanabe
Beng Monje
Louis delos Angeles
Michael Mamaril
Myra Jill Laguitao
Christine Amador
Rosie John
Janeth Vicy Fields
Made to Measure Designs
Apol Apuntar
Angeline Abello
Myra Lacasandile
Louella Agda-Maxey
Meryl Bishop
Liezl Bantang
Alexander Flores
Wildenthor Manipol
Gladys Rubenstein
Rachelle Ruivivar
Fe Jentsch
Jonelo Pagobo
Rosanna Major
Christine Jade Geronimo
Myra Lacasandile
Ma. Francis Cruz

Thank you very much to all of you..


Rossel Tuesday, September 22, 2009 3:51:00 PM  

buong-buo name ko.lol!

i'm glad to hear that niko. God is really great and there are many people who have big hearts.

thanks for the update.

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悉怛多缽怛囉阿們 窮盡相關消去無關 證據時效


十習因 鬼道 畜生道 人道
貪習(貪物) 物怪(依草附木)   梟類(土梟) 頑類(愚呆)
媱習(貪色) 風魃(旱魃不雨)   咎徵(烏鴉...凶兆) 異類(妖怪)
誑習(貪惑) 畜昧(狐獸精靈)   狐類(狐狸......) 庸類(卑鄙)
瞋習(貪恨) 蠱毒(毒虫惡蟲)   毒類(虺蛇......) 狠類(剛暴)
怨習(貪憶) 疫癘(散行瘟疫)   蛔類(蟯蛔) 微類(賤僕)
慢習(貪傲) 氣餓(飢虛之鬼)   食類(虎狼......) 柔類(懦弱)
枉習(貪罔) 憂魘(厭人心胸)   服類(衣服二類) 勞類(勞苦)
見習(貪明) 魍魎(山精之鬼)   應類(燕鴻......) 文類(小才)
詐習(貪成) 役使(咒術役鬼) 休徵(鳳麟吉類) 明類(小聰)
訟習(貪黨) 傳送(遞傳吉凶)   循類(鴿犬......) 達類(小知世故)


Meryl (proud pinay) Wednesday, September 23, 2009 11:35:00 AM  

hi niko, thanks din sa iyo at ikaw ang naging daan para makatulong din kami ke baby daniel.Pagpalain ka ni Lord.

Anonymous Wednesday, September 23, 2009 5:58:00 PM  

Thank you so much!! Please do help our son George Daniel Samson to live. GOD BLESS you all!


fedhz Thursday, September 24, 2009 5:26:00 AM  

Wow! ang galing! congrats, niko. hehe.

chubskulit Thursday, September 24, 2009 11:16:00 AM  

hi mare, my kumareng Fe from Germany wants to donate to, can you please give her the details,.. You may find her link in my blogs "Mads Fe's Around Nature Spring" name ng blog nya sa page ko...

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