Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Maria Belen Chapur Photo

I read it at my husband’s blog last week and I was taken aback. Mark Stanford, the 43 year old Governor of South Carolina has a mistress. But the identity was not being known before, the mistress was only known as MARIA. I find Mark Stanford’s love letter to his mistress so intriguing so I gave in to my curiosity and tried to find out what does the mistress looks like. So here is her only photo i got from searching the internet.
It was said that Mark Stanford and Maria Belen Chapur began dating online at least 8-years-ago. Their relationship became romantic some time in 2008. Maria Belen Chapur lives in Palermo quarter of the Argentine capital, and is said to be separated from her husband. Maria Chapur is said to be a fitness buff and earlier worked as a TV journalist for VIVO TV Argentina.

Picture below is Mark Stanford and his wife Jenny Stanford. Now, my heart goes out to his wife. I feel for her coz am a wife too! Reading a love letter of your husband to another woman is like marching down to hell..

Photos from here.


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