Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reading keeps me upbeat!

If I am not blogging I am nowhere else but reading an online scrubs magazine! I guess am hooked, it is like an on-line bible of fashion and style and a complete guide for all the nurses and non-nurses like me. From the first time I came across the site I knew I will stay reading forever. The magazine is like an on-line diary of every nurses who tackles about everything and anything under the sun.

By reading the magazine, I learned that one of the best cities to be a nurse is at Spokane, Washington. I wonder what the hospital there looks like and the working environment might really be the best in town! Now am dreaming of seeing the city someday!

Now, if you are one of the chic scrubs in town you have to check out their fashion tips and advices. You might want to browse on their beauty and style articles to be the most chic and trendy nurse you know! I have been a constant visitor on this article and I can’t wait another tip on how to maintain a younger look. I know am hooked reading but who aren’t? Isn’t this the best place in the world wide web?


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