Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friends make the world a better place

I have been sharing how I found gems in the internet through my blog. Friends being synonymous with gems, I know I am the richest gal in the world because of them so these true gems am keeping with me until the end. With the internet as medium nowadays, there are countless choice on how to make friends, finding them and keeping them. Some prefer friendster or facebook while some prefer blogging and chat rooms.

There is a cyberspace designed to fit each individuals who would like to chat away their boredom. With those countless possibilities, it is not surprising anymore that to each local there is a chat room already established. What’s more exciting to know is that almost all of the chat rooms available in the worldwide web is free to register. And wherever you are in the world you can sign up and join the free local chat and know that you are one step away to meeting friends, old and new alike!

Where everybody has been making friends online through blog or chats, it is nice to know that there are still a lot of people who are making the world still a better place to live in through friendships online.

PS. Am posing with my college classmates, who have been my friends since year 1998. Picture taken last May 2006. Back at the time when i can still wear two piece and can show some skin without someone getting mad. :)


kikamz Wednesday, May 20, 2009 3:58:00 PM  

LOL to this: Back at the time when i can still wear two piece and can show some skin without someone getting mad. :)

oi aniknik, ok lang.. i found out na about the scroll box thingy. hehe! about pens of hope, we aim to collect pens and pencils for the less fortunate children of davao city. marami kasing poor communities dun who cannot afford to regularly buy writing instruments for the kids. what you can do to help is send pens and pencils, post the badge in ur blog or blog about it. if u want to send pens & pencils, we have different collection points all over pinas and the world. you can look up the collection point nearest you here.

oh yes, am sure we'll see each other someday. ill make sure next time bakasyon kami pinas to stay in manila longer. para makapamasyal na rin. don't u know na di pa ako nakakapamasyal ng manila or anywhere in luzon in my 29 years of existence. tumuntong lang ako ng manila for my flights overseas. ironic no? LOL!

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