Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where Single Parent deserves Second Chances

It sure is a hard job being a parent, can you imagine how harder it is for single parents? I have an officemate who raised her daughter all by herself. The father of the child left her for another woman but that did not stop her from giving her child the best of everything. She is working hard for her daughter and sends her to an exclusive all-girls school all by herself. Amazingly, it looks like her past heartaches changed her for the better.

I bet she is looking for another chance in love so I told her about single parent chat rooms. She excitedly sign up and told me how exciting that site really is! She even boasts that it is free to sign up and everybody in the room seems to be so nice. Plus she has been meeting a lot of single parents like her and they can share their views about life. As she narrates to me, parenting issues and finding another partner in life are some of their usual topics. It is such a joy seeing her all the more happy and contented in her life now. I wish she soon found her real partner in life where she can share her joys and sorrows cause every single parent deserves second chance in love and in life!


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