Friday, April 03, 2009

A vow to chat and grow old with you

My husband and I started our long and winding road of fighting for our love through chat. We started out as friends chatting our minds and hearts out with everything and anything under the sun everyday. Consequently, we made our relationship stronger with the help of different ways of communication. Name it, we talk a lot like parrots do, we talk over the phone and we chat endlessly every minute of the day. It is as if we never run out of things to say.

But chatting on instant messenger sometimes can be so unrestricted. As hackers continue to plant viruses and not so good intentions, we need to find a way to communicate privately. Upon learning from a married friend, we tried signing up at Married Chat Rooms, which is uniquely designed for wedded people like us. And i have to say, It is the best chat space ever for every couple of all ages! Life is indeed more fun and exciting talking to your spouse everyday in a nicer environment where you don’t worry about being spied on.

I recommend this site to a friend whose spouse is working abroad and she said the site is a big blessing to their quite rocky relationship. As their only means of communication, the chat room serves as the way to bridge that gap of distance and time. Amazingly, this chat room really is not only a way to save marriage that is on the rocks but also a way to keep the flame of married life alive!


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