Friday, April 24, 2009

Somewhere, Somehow we are together!

My husband can testify my being so overly talkative when I am with friends. Once I was with my friend from college, he noticed that from the moment we met until we bid goodbye, we couldn’t stop from talking. We never run out of things to say, meeting and chatting seems like no stopping at all.

I had a friend from work who is as talkative as me so needless to say we clicked. Our religion never really gets in the way; she used to attend at Latter Day Saints Church while I am catholic since birth. Some of her missionary friends get back to their home abroad that left her a little bit sad. She used to talk to them all the time.

Now, the wonder of technology grants her wish of being with her missionary friends all the time even if they are a million miles away from each other. She is very happy to share to me about LDS chat. Curiosity hits me and gives in; The fact that it is 100% free to register at Latter Days Saints Chat City plus the chance of seeing her and her friends at webcam and the excitement of again talking to her made me sign up. Am so glad I did, am smiling while chatting with her all the time!


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