Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Color My Wall

When I was small, my ultimate dream of a home has a lavender wall. I am happy I am living in my dream now because I have my four walls painted with lavender. My husband did the entire painting job since our home is just enough for the three of us. It is a small home with a space just enough for my daughter to have her little play area.

But since husband wanted to have a bigger space someday, painting the house on his own will not be possible anymore. We are looking for a larger and higher than one story home now and painting will be a bit daunting especially with heights involved. So painting the future house will involve hiring a professional painter. I need to know I am getting a qualified painter for the job. Anyone can paint but to do the job right takes a certain degree of talent and I don’t like to hire anyone that claims to be a painter until i check him out first.

Painting job is not a problem anymore when I learned about Des Moines Painting. They do the paint job well and they offer a wide selection of paint colors and high quality paints. By hiring a qualified Des Moines painter i can make sure the job will be well done as they provide their customers with a great satisfaction! I guess i will be one of those happy customers!


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