Monday, February 19, 2007


The day started so well.. not until i received a text from my sister Aya. A very depressing text for Yobib.. I know it will start an argument and since i dnt want one at the moment, i just stay away. ..

But still the badtrip day starts when..

1. yobibs was into an argument i dnt want to be involve with. when i said "action speaks louder than words!" let it be!

2. i really dnt want to attend that orientation, since HR said it will only be 2 hours, i persuaded. LMC sched is 2-4, but it ended 5:30! I am really pissed off!

3. at the orientation, i switched off my cell phone only to learn that that good old man told my boss i was texting while the orientation is on going! fcuk that man! forgive that word.. he's really getting into my veins!!

4. and to top it all, my officemate told me that that good old man again saw me stretching in front of my pc! kelan pa naging masama ang uminat?? argh!

5. yobib bombarded me with not so good emails late this afternoon, having to deal with a 'topakin'.. what have i done today to deserve this ordeal?

and how about u tapping my ass? konti na lng good old man, BINGO ka na saken!!

wish to have a NICE day tomorrow!


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