Saturday, May 13, 2017

Patungan Cove: Never Again!

I seldom rant about places i visit no matter how unsatisfactory the service is. I am forgiving like that. I charge everything to experience and just bow to myself to never return again. But this has to be heard by people who wants to visit Patungan Cove in Maragondon Cavite.

It was my second time to visit the place. The first time was with my friends and family. My friend was actually looking at Marine Base in Termate for a day tour however they were led to Patungan, simple beach life with no electricity and runningg water but we were after the clean water and beige sand so it was still a fun day. (Water is through deep well, scheduled electricity is from 6pm to 10pm only.) These were not issue at all, we were prepared to an island life or beach province life. The first time was really quite fun so i recommended to my group friends and families for another try, just one month apart. And this time it was a disaster. I promise myself to never return again.

As much as i want to start a blow by blow account, i find it toooooo long to process everything all over again. I would just like to make a tip to whoever wants to spend few hours on this place.

1. Do not transact with WENY. I repeat do not make any verbal transaction with Weny. (0997) 672 7305 or +63 975 518 5518. Aside from the fact that they do not own any cottages for rent, they will just make money from you. Directly contact the owner! Ask those numbers you see on facebook who's the owner of the cottages and directly talk to them regarding the cottage rates. These cottages can range from P1500 to P3500 if overnight. But their daytour was P2500. I was told other offers it at P1500.

2. Do not be fooled to ride the boat! The boat fare is P50 for less than 5minutes ride. We were told we cannot walk at the  road going to the cottages, this is just their trick to get another business from you. Walking from the Security gate up to the cottages is less than 5minutes too!!!! Save you P50 yes but  most especially from the disaster of slipping on the rocks. It is not true that you cant pass on that road! Yes you can, we did! Just tell the security you prefer to walk.

3. I dont recommend Patungan Cove cottages by Konsehal Libay, his wife Elma and Weny. Stay away or look for other cottages if you still want to have a fun stay.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Looking Back

25 years ago, my mother sent me to The Sisters of Mary School in Sta Mesa Manila. It was the first time ever that i will be away from them. First time means i haven't even experienced sleeping over to anybody's house. So to imagine me walking down that huge gate of the school while my mother was looking at me, i went straight to the building without looking back. Am afraid they might see my tears falling. It was one of the saddest days of my life. I thought i cannot make it but with the hope of graduating high school, i did it four years after. How excited i was to look at that huge gate again, looking at my parents waiting for my return. One of my happiest days to see them, hug them, kiss them once more.

 Life inside the school was fun. It was like Princess Sara style but all we do everyday for 365 days was to pray, study, work and play. This school molded me on what i am today, my core and my being straightened out to be the person i am 25 years after. That's a lot of job - imagine we are almost 500 in our batch. They have made great things to all of us. Father Al, the founder is on his way to sainthood, and there's no doubt he will be. I will be forever thankful to him and all the nuns. If i have to choose my life, i will do it again.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Social Media Break

A few weeks ago, i found myself asking why i spend too much time holding or just looking at my phone. I feel imprisoned every time there's a notification from any of my mobile apps - be it facebook, instagram, messenger etc etc! See the list of all these apps are countless, well some i need for my work but some are just for socialization in the world wide web and NOT IN ACTUALITY and i get TIRED of it all. Those lines --- so far yet so near. Well now i want to live with the real world around me. SO i decided to put off my data every night and turn in on in the morning upon waking up. Just so i can check the emails that needs my attention first thing in the morning. If you know me well enough, i can't stand even one unread email so i have to glance at it quickly and my mind has to organize the first stuff to do and then accomplish every single one of them before the day ends.

I have allotted some free time but still i feel am stuck with looking at these social media apps from time to time. It's eating a lot of my FREE time, if you know what it means. My free time now i plan to spend with actual people in the REAL WORLD. Away from the limelight of the social media. I have yet to deactivate my account but i have deleted all these apps from my mobile phone. I wonder if it will just be a social media break, BUT for over a week now am enjoying the world around me--- untied from the social media apps of my phone.  I feel like shouting FREEDOM! Coz am really free to the real sense of the word.

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